Training Log – Week 1

Here’s the Cole’s Notes version of my week of fitness:
Monday: Yoga, Trampoline
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: Yoga, Ultimate
Thursday: nothing
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: Hike to Quarry Rock, Deep Cove 1.5 hours

Nothing like 3 rest days and no long runs to train for a marathon! I have an explanation, really I do. You see, I broke in new cleats at ultimate practice and ended up with a blood blister on my big toe. I could post a picture to prove it, but after searching for info on blood blisters on the internet I think there are already too many pictures of blood blisters out there. Instead I shall post this picture:

The internet needs more pictures of Landmannalaugar, Iceland, and not of blood blisters
I’m going on a run tomorrow. I promise.

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