Training Log – Week 2

logFitness Update for the week:
Monday: Yoga, Trampoline, physio exercises
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: Yoga, Ultimate!*
Thursday: Ultimate!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: More rest, physio exercises
Sunday: 20 min run**, 1 assisted chin up (I was showing off to my niece, she’s a girly girl so wasn’t too impressed)
*Ultimate get’s an exclamation point because it’s fun. And it represents 3 hours of sprint training.
**  Only had enough time for a short run, so I decided on a short hill run
Things that went well this week: 
  • Very happy that I did a bulk of my workout’s during the work-week – kept the momentum going.
  • Played 6 hours of ultimate this week and didn’t die. I definitely needed Friday as a rest day, but I proved to myself that I can do it! A shout out to the amazing player I checked on East Van Halen, her cuts were wicked – I never had any idea where she was going. She’s inspired me to be a better ultimate player.
Lessons learned for next time:
  • Upon reflection, I didn’t do my physio exercises daily. Strengthening my core is priority #1, the benefits to my running form will be huge (or at least that’s my expectation)
  • Need to incorporate strength training into my routine
  • I need to do a better job listening to my body. My body told me I should do my long run on Saturday – I was ready for it, I had a lovely rest day on Friday and lovely pasta dinner Friday night. However, I let the day run away from me and ran out of time.
  • I learned this week that I need to eat dinner before going to ultimate (or at least have a smoothie with whey isolate). I didn’t eat dinner before ultimate on Thursday and I hit the wall 2 hours in. Thankfully I brought 2 apples and some almonds to the game, but it didn’t give me much of an energy boost.
Other news (Fitness Admin):
  • Signed up for a Chi Running Workshop this Saturday (May 18). Really looking forward to this workshop and learning more about Chi Running technique.
  • Signed up for the Running Room marathon clinic at the RR on Cambie St. Clinic starts June 18th. My plan is to work on my running form between now and June 18 and get up to a comfortable 12km run. (I am capable of running 12km today, it just wouldn’t be comfortable!).

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