Training Log – Week 3

Week 2 Training

Fitness Update for the week:
Monday: Trampoline
Tuesday: 8 km run
Wednesday: Ultimate!*
Thursday: Ultimate!**
Friday: Rest day. Side note: resting heart rate is 60 bpm (here’s my baseline)
Saturday: Chi running workshop. Approx 9km run/walk.
Sunday: Gentle yoga (body needed it!)
*2 hours of sprint training ** Left early due to migraine 😦

Things that went well this week:

  • It was a great week for running. 17km of running this week! That makes me very happy – I’m increasing my mileage and remaining uninjured.
  • Taking Friday as a rest day was a great decision, my body needed it, I was wrecked by Thursday night after Ultimate.
  • Chi running workshop was awesome, the technique exercises were just what I needed and it reminded me how much I love running at Jericho Beach.
Running at Jericho Beach
Running at Jericho Beach

Lessons learned for next time:

  • Keep my core engaged while running (primary take-away from the Chi Running workshop).
  • Run to a cadence of 85 strides/minute (secondary take-away from the Chi Running workshop).
  • I’ll start wearing my heart rate monitor while running next week, it’s another metric I’d like to record.
  • Ergh, no strength training again – however I’m not sure I could have fit in any strength training after Wednesday (too wrecked).

Other news/injuries:

  • Need to download a metronome app to my iphone or the Chi Running app to run to a cadence.
  • Looking for a new running shoe that does not promote heel striking. Investigating minimalist shoes, or zero drop shoes with cushioning. Seeing as my achilles tendons were sore after the Chi Running workshop, I might not be ready for a zero drop shoe.  On second thought, maybe I should focus on running to a cadence and engaging my core first and then consider new running shoes. Take things one step at a time.
  • Broke a fall during trampoline class with my face. Got a trampoline burn on my chin 😦

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