Running Log – Week 4


App Used: ismoothrun
Distance: 4.52 km
Time: 31 mins
Average Pace: 6:50/km
Average Cadence: 160
KM1 Pace: 6:19
KM2 Pace: 7:08
KM3 Pace: 7:29
KM4 Pace: 6:03

Terrible, my head wasn’t in it, I was tense from sitting in the office all day and I had a time limit on my run (had to be home at a certain time). Not good.

ismoothrun log May 21
Blah run. Blurgh.

App Used: Chi Running
Distance: 4.21 km
Time: 31 mins
Average Pace: 7:31/km
Average Cadence: This app does not measure cadence (I don’t think). If I’m wrong, let me know!

Pretty frustrated, started out with too high a cadence. (180bpm, lowered it to 175bpm and then again to 170 bpm).  Had pain in my left groin while running. I think I might have slightly strained it on Wednesday at Ultimate and it didn’t have time to properly heal. In other news, the Chi Running app has a great warm-up and cool down stretching program (with videos) so I followed the warm-up/cool downs and really enjoyed them.

chi running screen shot
Struggled on the run but love the pre-run body looseners and post-run stretch features on this app


So I have to say up to this point the runs were an absolute struggle. I think it was over-ambitious to think that I could just go out on a 30 minute run and change my cadence and stride. Therefore, I took a different approach to my Sunday run. On Sunday I ran in 500 meter intervals, so I ran for 500 meters, and walked while I checked my stats on cadence. Then I reset my posture, re-focused and ran another 500m for 4 km total.

App Used: ismoothrun
Distance: 4 km
Time: 22 mins
Average Pace: 5:31/km
Average Cadence: 160
KM1 Pace: 5:49
KM2 Pace: 5:27
KM3 Pace: 5:21
KM4 Pace: 5:27

Tired after the run, but good. The intervals kept me much more focused on posture and cadence. Also, this was the first run in my new running shoes and they felt great!

ismoothrun log May 26
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! If I can only run this pace over 42.2km…


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