Training Log – Week 4

Fitness Update for the week:
Monday: 12km walk at Jericho Beach
Tuesday: 4.52 km run*
Wednesday: Yoga + Ultimate!
Thursday: Unintentional Rest Day**
Friday: 4.21 km run***
Saturday: Strength train (front squat, straight leg dead lift, assisted chin ups)
Sunday: 4 km interval run* + Strength train (back squat, bench press, bent over row, tricep dips)
*used ismoothrun running app ** forgot my running shoes at home ***used chi running app

Things that went well this week:

  • Interval run on Sunday went really well.
  • Strength training! I lifted some heavy stuff.
  • Bought new running shoes. Inov-8 Road 238 to help ease my transition into Chi Running. My current running shoes have a 12mm drop, these new ones have a 9mm drop and I’ve found it easier to mid-foot strike in the Inov-8 Road 238. Note, I’m also saying this after having run 4km in them, part of it might be wishful thinking (I desperately don’t want this to be an impulse purchase that I regret later). Will re-assess after 50km in them.

Innov-8 Road 238

Lessons Learned for next time:

  • Next time I won’t attempt to change my running form, cadence and try out new running shoes in the same week.

Other news:

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