Training Log – Week 5

Fitness Update for the week:
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 6 km hill run
Wednesday: Yoga + Ultimate!
Thursday: Ultimate!*
Friday: 3km disaster run**
Saturday: Strength train (hang clean, assisted chin ups, back squats, abs)
Sunday: Unintentional rest day***
*Wore heart rate monitor **very sunny day, forgot my sunglasses and hat at home, ran 1km outside followed by 2km on a treadmill *** Tragically kept putting run off until later in the day, then 10pm hit and I was out like a light

Things that went well this week:

  • On Tuesday, I really did not feel like running. However, I had set aside time in my schedule so I knew I had to do a hill run. I got off my butt, ran and felt awesome!
  • Wore my heart rate monitor to Ultimate on Thursday. Had fun measuring my level of exertion.
  • Left achilles tendon swelled up on Friday night (likely because I ran four consecutive days). Decided not to go to an Ultimate clinic on Saturday and instead weight train in supportive shoes. I feel I have an arsenal of activities to choose from – achilles tendon swollen? – weight train or practice yoga. Hip pain? Stretch it out and weight train my upper body. Feeling like Iv’e got extra energy to burn? Go for a run!

Lessons Learned for next time:

  • Set aside a dedicated time weekly for my long slow distance runs (and go to bed early the night before!). Did not set a dedicated time this week and ran out of time to run on Sunday.

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