Training Log – Week 6

Fitness Update for the week:
Monday: 7km run, Trampoline
Tuesday: 4 km run
Wednesday: Ultimate! Ave HR 117, max HR 176
Thursday: Ultimate! Ave HR 117, max HR 173
Friday: rest day – holiday to Sooke, BC
Saturday: 2 hour hike
Sunday: rest day

Things that went well this week:

  • On Monday, I went  for a long run. Felt better about not running last Sunday.
  • Wore my heart rate monitor to Ultimate both days. Had fun measuring my level of exertion.
  • Left achilles tendon swelled up on Thursday night (likely because I ran four consecutive days).

Lessons Learned for next time:

  • Realistically, the only time I have to strength train is in the morning before work. Need to hit the gym in the morning next week!
  • My goal is to do a cat twist on the trampoline before my lessons end this summer (just one!)

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