Training Log – Week 7

Fitness Update for the week:
Monday: 4km run, Trampoline
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: AM – Strength train, PM –  3 hours Ultimate!
Thursday: 3 hours of Ultimate!
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Chi Running Workshop
Sunday: 10km run

Things that went well this week:

  • Strength trained in the morning before work. Need to keep this up!
  • Did my Sunday long run on a hot day and managed to stay cool – stopping at water fountains and soaking your head works wonders!
  • Followed up with a Chi Running Clinic and made some progress on changing my stride from a heel strike to a mid-foot strike.

Lessons Learned for next time:

  • Don’t sign up for a race on a Friday night. Friday’s make good rest days, not good race days.

One Reply to “Training Log – Week 7”

  1. This really makes me want to train with you 🙂
    … yet I “only” have a 24km race in October to train for (with the little challenge to run faster than last year^^)

    Keep up the good work + the training logs 🙂

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