Running Log – Week 8 – Chocolate Robopops for Energy!

App Used: ismoothrun


This was my first run with my marathon training group at the Running Room on Cambie Street. I was the slowest member of the group. Had a little cry, then realized this is truly a first world problem and got over it. I mean, I’m in a marathon training group, that in itself is pretty cool – who cares if I’m the slowest?! I just ran 9.5km non-stop, I couldn’t do that a month ago – life is good!


1km: 7:01/km
2km: 7:08/km
3km: 6:56/km
4km: 6:54/km
5km: 7:30/km
6km: 7:13/km
7km: 7:36/km
8km: 6:56/km
9km: 7:19/km
9.49km: 6:41/km

App Used: ismoothrun



The first hour of the run felt great! After about an hour I started to fatigue, ate some honey stingers chews, started to feel very run down at 1:20.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.04.38 PM
Honey stingers for energy!


1km: 7:51/km
2km: 7:33/km
3km: 7:41/km
4km: 8:53/km
5km: 7:32/km
6km: 8:02/km
7km: 7:24/km
8km: 8:05/km
9km: 8:00/km
10km: 7:05/km
11km: 8:28/km
12km: 8:20/km
12.21km: 6:57/km

Post-Run Energy

After my long run on Saturday, I ate a delicious chocolate robopop, from Chocolate Arts. Complete with pop-rocks in the chocolate. Sounds bizarre, but it’s really cool and tasty! Thanks to Adri for providing this tasty treat!

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