Running Log Week 9 – Never run a smoother 17km LSD


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.57.33 AM
My target paces – see, I’m not that far off!

Tuesday – Fartlek run

App used: ismoothrun




Incredibly tight calves on this run. Had visions of my achilles snapping and not being able to finish the run.  Not sure if that is physiologically  possible, might just be an irrational fear of mine. Anyhow, got through the run and stretched my calves out.

Sunday -Long slow distance (LSD) Run

App Used: ismoothrun



1km: 8:34/km
2km: 7:45/km
3km: 8:23/km
4km: 8:15/km
5km: 7:00/km
6km: 7:34/km
7km: 8:14/km
8km: 7:47/km
9km: 8:18/km
10km: 8:03/km
11km: 8:32/km
12km: 8:15/km
14km: 8:05/km
15km: 8:23/km
16km: 7:39/km
Overall, I felt pretty good. Ran the first 12km with a friend (that helps the time go by fast!), then waved goodbye at km 12 and continued on a 5km loop to finish off the 17km. I am impressed that I paced myself well, kept my heart rate in line and made it to 17km without any major hiccups. Got light headed at km16, unsure whether this was because of the heat (26 degrees) or the hill or nutrition or the combination. Managed to have enough energy after the run to make it to all my Canada Day picnics and BBQs!

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