Training Log Week 9 – Run early to beat the heat

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 8.4km fartlek run*
Wednesday: Ultimate, ave HR122, max HR 180
Thursday: Physio (IMS), Ultimate, ave HR117, max HR 173
Friday: Rest day**
Saturday: 3 hour kayak tour with Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak
Sunday: 17.1km run
* Had really tight calves during this speed run, I thought they were going to explode – mental note: roll out calves.
** resting heart rate 54 (down from 60 two months ago)

Things that went well this week:

  • I ran 72.46km in June!
  • Ran 17km on Sunday  injury free- my longest run yet, and in the heat!
  • Kayaking in Deep Cove is awesome!
  • Resting heart rate is down to 54bpm from 60bpm two months ago

Lessons Learned for next time:

  • Running in the heat – my running room group starts running at 8:30am, and that’s too late for me in the heat. I started my run on Sunday at 7:15am while it was 16 degrees C, and finished my run at 9:30am when the temperature with humidex was 26 degrees C. I should target to start my long runs between 6:30am-7am to beat the heat. Another option is to pick a few trail runs and run in the shade.

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