What not to do before a long slow distance run

There are far too many sensible authors out there writing about the “top 10 essential things to do before a long run“. This week, I thought life would be more exciting if I did all the wrong things, and then report back on the results.

Fat/Protein Load

Conventional wisdom states that you should carb load the day(s) before a long run. I took the contrarian approach and consumed a high fat/protein diet consisting of:

Breakfast: Fried eggs with a pork & apple sausage
Lunch: Nachos with double cheese, guacamole & sour cream (thanks Jericho Sailing Centre for serving delicious nachos)
Snack: Pie Competition – Sampled pies at a local pie competition put on by the good people of the Association of Very Good Ideas
Dinner: Homemade Japadog with potato salad

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.31.35 AM
Very tasty, but not good pre-run fuel


What’s all this hydration nonsense about? Electrolytes? Water? Sounds like witchcraft to me.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 12.14.44 PM

Sleep in a hot room

Nothing better than further dehydrating yourself by sleeping (ahem, attempting to sleep in a 27 degree bedroom). It is rare that the temperature reaches 27 degrees in Vancouver, however, somehow my bedroom manages it.

Read page 96 of Fit: an unconventional guide to using conventional methods for creating fitness for the real world by Kilgore, Hartman, Lascek

I am a big fan on Lon Kilgore’s books, Fit, and Practical Programming. Both are excellent books on fitness. I digress, Page 96 of Fit states:
“If your LSD takes longer than two hours, it is likely more of a contributor to overtraining than to performance enhancement.” ….


“There is very little value of logging 26.2 miles regularly, unless your goal is to damage your heart muscle, calcify valvular leaflets, or otherwise potentially cause heart anomalies.”

Please don’t get me wrong, by all means read page 96, and the rest of Fit: an unconventional guide to using conventional methods for creating fitness for the real world, just don’t read it the night before an LSD run that is likely to take you longer than 2 hours.


So, now we’re in a state of poor nutrition, poor hydration, poor rest and serious mental doubt. Perfect recipe for a disaster LSD run.

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