Training Log Week 12 – Gone Fishing

Monday: 30 minute run to exhaustion – Fitness Assessment at the Peak Centre for Human Performance
Tuesday: 6km hill run in 25 degree heat!
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 19km LSD
Saturday: Fishing*
Sunday: Fishing
* Caught a 170lb and a 150lb halibut – that’s gotta count for some strength training!

Things that went well this week:

  • I had a fishing trip scheduled on the weekend and I still managed to do my long run during the week! I’m happy I got the miles in!
Port Louis, Haida Gwaii

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Completed a hill run in 25 degree heat. I need to complete the rest of my runs in the summer in the morning, it’s too hot in the evening to run after work.


  • I had a terrible stomach ache/cramps on my 19km LSD run. I think I drank too much water too early in the run. I walked from km 14-17 and my average pace was still within the range for my time target!


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