Training Log Week 14 – Recovering from a 30km run

Monday: 3 hour kayak lesson
Tuesday: Attempted speed work out *
Wednesday: 8km run, Ultimate **
Thursday: Ultimate**
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 21.1km run
Sunday: rest day
* was so exhausted from the 30km run the Sunday before that I could not complete the speed workout
** had severe pain in my left hip these two days and difficulty walking. rolled out my hip with my trusty roller and it felt better

Things that went well this week:

  • Had difficulty walking on Wednesday and Thursday due to severe pain in my left hip. Managed to roll out the area and still run 21.1km on Saturday.
  • I felt really good during my 21.1km (half marathon run). I couldn’t believe it – it was smooth sailing during the whole run. I felt strong and positive!

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Schedule a rest day the day after all runs over 29km. I was quite exhausted at kayaking the day after and had no gas for speed work 2 days after the 30km run.

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