Training Log Week 15 – The summer flu

Monday: 6.5km run
Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: sick, Ultimate *
Thursday: sick
Friday: sick
Saturday: 12.5km run
Sunday: 11km run, Circus School (90 minutes of aerial silks, trampoline, juggling)
* I was still sick, but as co-captain of my ultimate I went to the game (I have all the team gear). Arrived at the game and turned out we needed another female on the field. I played the whole game, but walked all points instead of running. Happy ending – we won the game!

Things that went well this week:

  • I still ran a total of 30km this week, even though I was sick

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Learned (or trying to learn) how to have patience. I was very impatient with myself and being sick. Was really frustrated and kept imagining the negative impact being sick would have on my training. What I realized though is I have to be patient and accept things the way they are. I’m sick at this moment, I won’t be sick forever, and I’ll re-schedule my training once I feel well enough to run. (Side note: easier said than done!).

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