Sometimes I am my own worst enemy

I’ve been less than enthusiastic about my training over the past few weeks. The funny part is, everything seems to be going well – no major injuries, no catastrophic runs, you’d think I’d be more positive about my training.

Here’s the thing – lately, when I’ve thought about running or training, my brain thinks – “All you have to do is start running. What you’re doing is no big deal. Step 1: start running, there is no step 2”

While it’s nice to think that running a marathon is that simplistic, I don’t think I’m giving myself enough credit for all the work I’ve done to get myself into marathon running shape. Having an over simplistic view also doesn’t help me when I’m struggling on a training run. When I struggle, I think “what’s wrong with you? you’re so slow, stop the whinging and keep going.”  These negative thoughts don’t help me keep going, they actually make feel bad about myself and want to quit.

So, time to give myself some credit. Over the last four months I’ve:

  • Run over 360km
  • Changed my running form from a heel strike to mid foot strike
  • Run consistently in 20 degree + heat and humidity weather
  • Tested out numerous brands of energy gels and gummies to determine the best fuel for race day
  • Gone from not running to LSD runs of 30km (didn’t run any races –  5kms, 10kms or half marathons before starting marathon training). That alone is pretty insane and not ideal.
  • Taken a sports physiology course to better understand how my body is adapting to exericse
  • Spent countless hours doing physio exercises, and stretching

Alright! Time to get out there and run!

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