Marathon Training Blues


Something is clearly going on when I find myself googling phrases such as:

“Marathon training sucks”

“I hate marathon training, what’s wrong with me?”

Even more frustrating, try google image searching “marathon training blues” and you just get pictures of elated people finishing marathons. Grr!

The Blahs

Last week, I hit a milestone, I surpassed the 400km mark in training.  And you know what? I didn’t really care. Eh? Another hundred kms logged – ok, whatever. It concerned me. I assumed that marathon training would be full of euphoric feelings (I can accomplish anything!) and lows (crying on the sidewalk – “why am I doing this?”), but instead found that I’ve spent the last few week in the “blahs”. Yeah, I’m running, not feeling high from it or low, just indifferent.

In fact, I spend most of my marathon training imagining training for a triathlon and how interesting and varied my workouts would be. Man, if I were biking 32km today instead of running I’d be done so fast and would have time to meet my friends for brunch.

I’ve also spent a lot of time and energy being disappointed in myself during marathon training. I’m disappointed that I’m not running faster, I’m disappointed that I haven’t been strength training. I’m disappointed that I’m not logging HUGE miles. I’m disappointed that I don’t feel any different. Rationally, I know something is changing in my body as I can now run 32km, but I don’t feel any stronger. It’s a strange feeling. Training can really suck sometimes because you are always pushing yourself, so you never feel stronger.

Refocusing on my Goals

I have to sit back and re-focus on my goals. My goal in training for the Montreal marathon has simply been to build the endurance capacity necessary to completed the 42.2km on September 22, 2013.  It is not to break a 4 hour marathon (speedy), or to do a chin up after finishing (strength), it’s not to lose 20lbs and look fabulous. It’s to finish. Period.

Why? It fits into my larger goal of completing the Antarctica Marathon in March 2014.

Step One: Build the endurance capacity to complete 42.2km. Goal run: Montreal Rock n Roll Marathon

Step Two: Trail run to mimic conditions in Antarctica. Goal run: Phantom Run Trail Race

Step Three: Get my butt to Antarctica and run the Antarctica Marathon


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