Training Log Week 20 – Tapering continues, Trail running begins

Monday: Trampoline
Tuesday: Weight train (squats, assisted chin ups etc)
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: rest day, physio appointment/IMS
Friday: 6km run
Saturday: 5km awesome trail run with clinic followed by weight training
Sunday: rest day
Monday:  1 hour long race pace run (6:28 min/km)*
*I added in the Monday because I felt really guilty about not doing a long run on the weekend.

Things that went well this week:

  • Saw the Physio and I’m all good to go for the marathon. My ankle/arch pain may be due to tight calves, so I was told to stretch them a lot- even stop during run and stretch them.
  • Managed to do squats twice this week (yay!). I was so pumped after my trail run clinic on Saturday that I stopped for a snack and then hit the gym. Did I mention how much I love my trail running clinic? Oh, I love it. Although I’m not sure how I feel about a recreational activity where there is a possibility of running into bears!


Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • I really should have done a long run on Sunday. Oh well, I opted to do a 1 hour race pace run this morning instead.

Looking ahead to next this week:

  • I’ll likely do 1 strength training session, 1 trampoline session and 1 run before I head out to Montreal on Wednesday night.
  • As for daily activities this week I need to do: daily – physio exercises, roll my IT bands daily and calf stretch at least 3 x a day.

Holy cow! Six more sleeps until the Montreal Rock n Roll Marathon!


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