Training Log Week 22 – Post Marathon Recovery Week

Monday: Yoga and massage and Balnea Spa
Tuesday: 1 hour walk on the seawall
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: rest day
Friday: Attempted run*
Saturday: 7km trail run
Sunday: 6 hour kayak course (edging, bracing, solo capsize recovery)
* Attempted a run on Friday. Had searing pain my my left hip, had to stop running at 500 meters.

Things that went well this week:

  • Had bad hip/butt pain on Friday, spent half an hour rolling out my side and using a lacross ball to work out the knots. Must have worked because I was able to run on Saturday!
  • Had lots of fun at the kayak class. It was 11 degrees and raining, but I wore a dry suit with lots of layers on so I kept nice and toasty!

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Schedule massages and yoga for the day after marathons. This was the best recovery week I’ve ever had, and I attribute it to the massage and yoga class.

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