Training Log Week 23 – 24 – Recovery Continues

A fun video to start off the post, the 8 stages of marathon running:
And now for 2 weeks of training logs, you’ll see why I haven’t been posting in a second…
Monday: trampoline
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: strength train
Thursday: nothing
Friday: 1 hr treadmill run
Saturday: sick
Sunday: sick
Monday: sick (but worked 3hrs this day)
Tuesday: sick (but worked a full day)
Wednesday: sick (but worked a full day)
Thursday: sick (but worked a full day)
Friday: well!
Saturday:  8km trail run
Sunday: 3 hour trail walk

Things that went well this week:

  • I think my body forced me to slow down by getting sick. Effective strategy body! I did no physical activity for a week!  Thankfully, I was well enough to go to my trail run clinic on Saturday.
  • Being sick also made me re-think my training strategy. Before I got sick I wanted to train up to run the Vancouver Historic Half Marathon at the end of November. So, I wanted to jump right back into 90 minute plus long training runs. However, I have since decided to take a different approach. For the next 10 weeks I will focus on strength training (lifting weights)  and speed training. Then, mid-December I will start to add back long endurance runs.
  • Speaking of speed training. I have signed up for the Speedwork Clinic at the Peak Centre in Burnaby. It’s an eight week speed training program that’ll be designed just for me. Lucky me, I get to head back to the Peak Centre and do a run assessment and see what my heart rate training zones are.

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Schedule a few weeks of rest and light activity after a marathon. After all that hard work of building up my cardio to the point of running a marathon, I was worried that if I didn’t start running right away that I’d lose all the gains I had made. I should have listened to my body and rested up.

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