Training Log Week 26-27 – I’ve been at this for half a year?

Wow, so it’s been half a year already. I’ve run the Montreal Marathon, and now I’m well on my way towards the Antarctica Marathon on March 9th, 2014. Over the next four months I’ll be working on increasing my speed and testing out gear to wear in Antarctica.
Found this great video of the Antarctica Marathon finish line, it will really help with my visualization on my runs. Keep thinking of that finish line!
And now for 2 weeks of training logs…
Monday: trampoline
Tuesday: strength train
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 45 min zone 1 run
Friday: strength train
Saturday: off
Sunday: 1 hr of ultimate, strength train
Monday: Trampoline
Tuesday: strength train
Wednesday: speed work clinic
Thursday: strength train
Friday: off
Saturday:  12km trail run – Orientation run for the Phantom Trail Race
Sunday: ultimate

Things that went well this week:

  • I made it to my first speedwork session. I’m really glad there was a coach there. After the first two 5 minute hard sessions around the  track, I asked him “Do you have any breathing tips? My breathing is really erratic, I feel like I can’t get enough air?”. His response “Ah yes, that’s what a zone 3 workout is supposed to feel like. Just relax and don’t hold tension.” So I guess I just have to get used to being uncomfortable on the speed workouts, good to know.
  • I am so glad that I did not strength train last Friday. I really wanted too but thought since I had the 12km trail run coming up I needed to keep my legs fresh. Good thing I did – the first half of the course was pretty technical – narrow trail, steep sections with lots of roots and rocks. My legs were jelly by the end of the run.

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Rest up the day before a long trail run.

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