Training Log Week 28-30 – Two races Two PBs

Over the last three weeks I’ve had a few opportunities to run in winter weather. Had a nice icy run in Saskatoon a few weeks back and a record setting half marathon in crisp winter conditions in Vancouver last weekend.
I think this should be my next major winter marathon:
And now for 3 weeks of training logs…

Week 28

Monday: trampoline
Tuesday: nothing (felt run down)
Wednesday: strength train – flew to Toronto
Thursday: nothing (work day in Niagara Falls, ON)
Friday: strength train AM, run PM (at Toronto airport)
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

Week 29

Monday: nothing (flew back to Vancouver)
Tuesday: strength train
Wednesday: Flew to Saskatoon, 25 min run outdoors, in the cold and ice!
Thursday: strength train
Friday: off (Flew back to Vancouver)
Saturday:  12km trail run – Phantom Trail Race PB 1:42
Sunday: Rest day

Week 30

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.35.18 AM
Monday: Trampoline
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: felt ill
Thursday: 30 min treadmill run (felt ill)
Friday: nothing (felt ill)
Saturday:  rest day
Sunday: 2:17 half marathon PB – Vancouver Historic Half

Things that went well:

  • Two PB’s! During the Phantom Trail Race I chopped 9 minutes off of my time during the orientation run.
  • At the last minute I signed up for the Vancouver Historic Half. My goal was to break my previous PB of 2:21

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • Lots of rest leads to race PBs?

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