Training Log Week 39 – Four more long runs to go!

I only have four more long runs to complete before I get on a plane and head down south for the Antarctica Marathon.

I’m a little sad about the thought of completing a goal that I’ve looked forward to for four years. I can already see myself completing the Antarctica Marathon and then thinking – Now What? What was this all for? What have I learned?

Well, a lot of folks who complete the Antarctica Marathon have the big goal of completing marathons on all 7 continents. However, what I’ve learned from this experience is that I CAN run on roads but I LOVE running on trails.

So, what is the next audacious goal which will take me a few years to complete? I think I have the answer, the Fat Dog 120:

(Fat Dog 120 from Project Talaria on Vimeo.)

So think I’ll consider the Antarctica Marathon a 26.2 mile (altitude gain: 616 m) training run for the Fat Dog 120 mile (8,672.7m) race.

Training Log

Monday: Trampoline, assisted chin ups
Tuesday: 30 min treadmill run, assisted chin ups, meditated
Wednesday: rest day, assisted chin ups
Thursday: rest day, assisted chin ups
Friday: strength train, 1 hr gentle snow shoe on Grouse Mountain
Saturday: 2:45 trail run (14KM, ascent 815m, decent 887m)

Things that went well this week:

  • Total elevation gain/loss on the long run this week: Gain: 1,018m meters Loss: 1,116 meters (benchmark – Antarctica marathon Gain: 616 meters, Loss: 619)

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • I used a great mental technique when I felt fatigued during the Chilly Chase half marathon. I thought “if I were full of energy and had fresh legs, how would I feel?”.  Then I’d start to think about holding a confident posture, relaxing my upper body and picking up my feet. It worked well.
  • Completing two consecutive long runs on the weekend was likely not the ideal case. However, I really wanted to go to my trail running clinic and I really wanted to run the Chilly Chase, so I just did both.

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