Training Log Week 41 – Montreal winter run

I went to Montreal last weekend to go on a winter training run with my Antarctica marathon buddy and try out my cold weather gear. Sunday morning we head out in -16 degree weather to run with the kind folks at the Avenue du Parc Running Room. What did I learn?

  • I generate a lot of heat – I wore too many top layers (who would have thought?). By the end of the run I was the only person not wearing a toque or gloves – seems like I generate a lot of heat.
  • Trail running did not prepare me for running on snow –  Yes, in trail running you land on uneven surfaces, but on compact snow your foot lands and then sinks, lands, then sinks. Had very sore ankles by the end of the run.
  • I need a new hydration solution – The bite value on my hydration pack froze. First, it froze in the “off” position. I was able to warm it up and turn it on, but then the bite value froze through with ice chunks. So, no water for me on the run.

Training Log

Monday: Trampoline
Tuesday: 40 min treadmill run
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: strength train
Friday: strength train (flew to Montreal)
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: Long run 22km in -16 degrees C

Things that went well this week:

  • Winter training run in Montreal!
  • Met the wonderful folks who train at the Running Room at Avenue du Parc. Dropped by to talk to them on Saturday and they had great suggestions on where to run in Montreal. So ended up running with them on Sunday – they even printed up a map of the route so the girl from Vancouver wouldn’t get lost on the group run – thanks guys!

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  • I think I’ll use my hydration belt during the Antarctica marathon. I don’t want to deal with frozen hoses and bite values. Plus, this way I can refill the water bottles at the “aid stations” rather than carry 1.5 – 2.0 L of water on my back the whole marathon.

Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt

3 Replies to “Training Log Week 41 – Montreal winter run”

  1. That sounds amazing – what a challenge! I have no experience of running in such extreme conditions, but like you, I use a hydration backpack in training, which I love (it has a 2l fluid capacity). However, when racing, I prefer to use a hip belt, for the exact reason that you mention – you can refill and it’s lighter. Best of luck with the continued training, it really sounds awesome!

    1. Glad to hear you follow the same logic that I came to with the hydration pack vs fuel belt. I realized that I carry the hydration pack on trail runs because there is no chance to re-fill on a trail – but in a race I should take the opportunity of filling up and not being loaded down with water weight the whole time!

  2. You are lucky that you got to train in similar? (at least a bit similar) conditions that you’ll experience in the marathon. Now you can tweak your gear to what will hopefully work better for you.
    The Antarctica marathon is such a challenge, I can’t wait to read about people’s experiences this year.

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