Training Log Week 42

I’m leaving for Antarctica in a week. It looks cold there, better get my long johns out!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.10.04 AM

Training Log

Monday: Rest day (fly from Montreal to Vancouver)
Tuesday: 40 min treadmill run, HR at 155 bpm
Wednesday: 35 min hill training run
Thursday: 40 min treadmill run, HR at 155 bpm
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 20KM trail run, 3 hrs running (3:20 including stopping and re-grouping) 1,000m elevation gain. Then 12KM road run, 1:30, 200m elevation gain. So 32KM in 4:30
Sunday: 45 min treadmill run*
*this was unintended- I intended to hop on the treadmill to warm up to strength train, then I ran for 45 mins – whoops. It felt good though.

Check out the Richard Juryn trail in North Vancouver (above). So happy to be running in this terrain.

Things that went well this week:

  • 5 runs this week, that’s a record for me. I know it wasn’t in the plan, I’m freaking out about not feeling prepared, so I ran a lot this week.
  • Long run was 32KM this week with 1,200 m in elevation gain.
  • This week I put my gels in a squeeze bottle and mixed it with a bit of water. It was a much more enjoyable way to eat my gels.

Lessons Learned for Next Time:

  •  I can feel my appetite increasing. I should make an effort to have healthy snacks on hand so I don’t just grab whatever is convenient. (I’m saying this because after my run on Sunday I ate a grilled cheese sandwich, almond croissant and a donut- man were they tasty!)

One more week left to train!

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