Next up – Knee Knacker Race

In February 2015 I got laid off. So what’s a girl to do with newly found free time? Train for her first ultra marathon, that’s what!

I’ve been considering running the North Shore Knee Knacker Trail race for a while, but wasn’t sure when I would have the time to consistently train for an ultra marathon with over 16,000 feet of ascent/descent.

Now that I had all this free time, I threw my name into the hat for the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run lottery and won a spot at the start line (!!!). Initially, I thought the anxiety over not having a job would be replaced with the anxiety of training for an ultra marathon. In practice, all this trail running has given me a greater opportunity to ruminate over my anxiety of not having a job while running for hours on the North Shore trail system and wondering if I’m being stalked by a cougar.

Run run run!
Run run run!


Race Date: Saturday, July 11th, 2015 (a mere 6 weeks away)
Start time: 6:00am
Cut off time (aka my goal race time): 10 hours

Distance: 30 Miles (48km)
Elevation: 16,000 feet (4,876m) ascent/descent

Start Location: Nelson Canyon Park Trail Head, West Vancouver, BC
Finish Line: Panorama Park, Deep Cove, BC


The course generally follows the Baden-Powell Trail on the North Shore of Vancouver. The course can be divided into four sections that are about 12km in distance each.

  1. Nelson Canyon Park to Cypress Ski Area (via Black Mountain)
  2. Cypress ski area to Cleveland Dam (Hollyburn area)
  3. Cleveland Dam to Lynn Valley (Grouse Mountain area)
  4. Lynn Valley to Deep Cove (Seymour Mountain area)

In terms of course familiarity, I am quite familiar with Legs 3 and 4, however, I have only done the first leg once and I’ve never run the second leg. In addition, the cut off time for the first leg is 3 hours, and I’m not confident that I can complete it in under 3 hours. Mental note, must practice on Legs 1 and 2 of the course asap.


Let’s circle back to the elevation info for a moment – let’s reference this handy graphic posted on the Knee Knacker site:

My legs hurt just looking at this

Hmm, so I summit Black Mountain and then I run 36km back down to sea level. That seems really bad-ass, I better get back to training.

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