UTMB Route – 170km in 6 days

I’m training to run the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) route (~170km) within 6 days at the end of July 2016.

The Plan

Phase One (January – April): Maintain cardiovascular fitness and have a little fun

I’ve just come off an training period  that cumulated with the Tarawera Trail 50km in November. Therefore the goal for the first phase in training is to maintain cardiovascular fitness and have a little fun.

  • Run – Run ~30km a week. Train for long runs with the kind folks at Mountain Madness in North Vancouver. Mix of trail runs and road runs.
  • Trampoline lessons at the Vancouver Circus School because  jumping on a trampoline is FUN!
  • Barbell club. Lift heavy shit. I really like doing squats, deadlifts and attempting chin-ups, so I’m going to keep doing them.
  • Ski/Snowshoe when the snow is good.

Phase Two (April – June): Get comfortable with my old friend, fatigue

I have not had good luck finding a training plan for a multi-day run schedule. The only training plan I’ve come across is this one, an old plan created for the Trans-Rockies Race. I have modified it slightly for my needs, but it’ll be my general training program. Generally, the program consists of back-to-back long runs and mileage that reaches 115km per week.

  • Run, a lot, run/hike lots of elevation.
  • Attempt hiking elevation with poles (figure out if it’ll work for me).
  • Test out gear, clothes, foot care kit etc.
  • Long runs on Sundays at the Knee Knackering Training runs.
  • Keep lifting heavy stuff.

Phase Three (July): Taper time

  • Time to finalize the logistics of my run and fly to Europe.

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