Trail running training log for the UTMB circuit and other random thoughts

Training Log Week 31 – Started strong and then…bagels!

Monday: Trampoline Tuesday: 20 min run, plus 15 min bike ride Wednesday: Zone 5 track workout* Thursday: ill Friday: massage and rest Saturday: bagel making class Sunday: meant to run … Continue reading

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Training Log Week 28-30 – Two races Two PBs

Over the last three weeks I’ve had a few opportunities to run in winter weather. Had a nice icy run in Saskatoon a few weeks back and a record setting … Continue reading

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Training Log Week 26-27 – I’ve been at this for half a year?

Wow, so it’s been half a year already. I’ve run the Montreal Marathon, and now I’m well on my way towards the Antarctica Marathon on March 9th, 2014. Over the … Continue reading

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Training Log Week 25 – Strength Training

Monday: 1 hr hike, strength train Tuesday: rest day Wednesday: strength train Thursday: 40 minute run assessment to exhaustion Friday: strength train Saturday: 10.5 km trail run at Lynn Headwaters Sunday: ultimate Things that … Continue reading

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Training Log Week 23 – 24 – Recovery Continues

A fun video to start off the post, the 8 stages of marathon running: And now for 2 weeks of training logs, you’ll see why I haven’t been posting in … Continue reading

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Montreal Marathon Race Report – I DID IT!

If I had to sum up my race experience in one sentence, it would be: “First half sucked, second half was amazing!” This is contrary to 99% of people’s marathon … Continue reading

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Training Log Week 22 – Post Marathon Recovery Week

Monday: Yoga and massage and Balnea Spa Tuesday: 1 hour walk on the seawall Wednesday: rest day Thursday: rest day Friday: Attempted run* Saturday: 7km trail run Sunday: 6 hour kayak course (edging, bracing, solo capsize … Continue reading

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